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About Us


We are Steampunk fanatics and totally love everything steampunk

We’re have created an online store specializing in mainly steampunk inspired watches and jewelry. 

We’re in love with everything steampunk and daydream on a daily basis as to what would happen if we lived in a world full of Steampunk sculptures, artists and all thing full of visible gears.

P.S. For some reason i still think if you add gears to something it looks way cooler.

Here at Steampunk Accessories, we want to capture the essence of a time period that may in fact exist in another dimension (sounds a little far fetched but stick with me for a second!) and offer you beautiful neo-Victorian steampunk fashion & accessories to wear casually everyday or for cosplay. 

We’re super responsive and always there to help. Shoot us a question and/or feedback and we’ll respond within hours.

Thanks again for visiting and we’d love to have you as our customer.