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Steampunk accessories for men

December 16, 2019

Steampunk accessories can be the difference between "pulling it off" and looking like a dweeb.

Whether you're wearing your steampunk outfit to a party, a photo-shoot, a game night, or just for fun, these ornate additions will help you add the last missing piece to your ensemble.

They're bold, stylish, and daring, with all of the right details to help cement your outfit squarely in the steampunk genre.

1. Steampunk Top Hat, Australian Wool  

Nothing looks better than a classic top hat, especially when it's got gears and stitching to go with the rest of your steampunk outfit. This hat is made from thick Australian wool and has a tall crown that stretches nearly 6" over the brim. A satin lining ensures that your head will stay comfortable. Importantly, it's not a flimsy costume piece. It's a sturdy hat that you can wear every day, with or without your favorite steampunk jewelry.

2. Velvet Steampunk Top Hat with Removable Goggles

Goggles and top hats work wonderfully together to give you a real steampunk look. This brown velvet hat comes with removable goggles that sit on top of the brim, making it easy to complete your outfit. There's a band that circles the crown and keeps feathers and gears in place, adding a few more steampunk accents to the headpiece. The hat itself features a bit of complex design work in the fabric, meaning you'll never look boring.

3. Lined Top Hat Ferrecci Classic Wool - Many Colors

For many steampunk enthusiasts, the best part about assembling an outfit is modifying the pieces yourself. This simple, sturdy top hat doesn't have any gears, cogs, or widgets attached to it quite yet. Instead, it's got a simple feather and a hat band. This makes it a blank canvas for you to modify as you like. Consider fastening your favorite steampunk pocket watch or steampunk goggles to the band, or even gluing on gears. Even if you don't want to add more steampunk accents, this steampunk hat captures an old-fashioned vibe very well. The tall 7" crown will help you stand out like a dapper gentleman. It's available in plenty of colors and sizes, too, so it's easy to fit with your favorite steampunk getup.

4. Steampunk Open face Skeleton Mechanical Pocket watch

Steampunk is all about gears, cogs, and mechanical complexity. This pocket watch has an open design that lets you see the gleaming gears from both the front and the back of the watch. It's set in a cog-like outer case that will look incredible as it hangs from your favorite steampunk jacket. The ornate hands ensure that it looks incredibly fancy each time you pull it out.

5. Steampunk Analog Wrist Watch

This classy steampunk watch features a unique dial design that lets you tell the time in two ways. The face on the bottom right is a normal analog watch, while the face in the upper left has rotating dials instead of hands. This adds a lot of visual complexity and makes it seem like you've got a crazy instrument on your wrist. Despite this, it's still suitable for everyday wear.

6. Steampunk Skeleton Pocket Watch Hand Winding

Continuing with our theme of mechanical marvels, this steampunk pocket watch features a minimalistic open design that really helps it stand out. The roman numerals act as the only support between the inner watch workings and the edge of the case, giving it a bit of unique transparency. Complex watch hands and a long chain help this pocket watch feel extra fancy. Combine this with steampunk goggles and your favorite hat to complete your outfit.

7. Embossed Steampunk Pocket Watch

Railroads were once one of the most prominent real-world users of steam, cogs, and machinery. You can celebrate this legacy with this beautiful steampunk pocket watch. The case features a detailed representation of a steam locomotive on the front and opens to reveal an old-fashioned watch face with Arabic numerals and detailed hands. It's got a long chain to help keep it secure within your jacket. You'll really make a statement when you pull out this watch instead of your phone to check the time.

8. Steampunk Victorian Goggles

These complex steampunk goggles have lots of great details added on to really fit the steampunk aesthetic. You'll enjoy a having two compasses, magnifying lenses, and a couple metal cylinders strapped on to your eyewear. The colored lenses really help seal the deal and are available in a few different styles to better match the rest of your steampunk getup. If you want just the right mix of subtle accessories on your Victorian steampunk goggles, this is the pair to choose.

9. Elope Machinist Steampunk Goggles

Simple and stylish, these machinist-style goggles have colored lenses set in bold bronze eyepieces. A leather band keeps them in place over your eyes (or on top of your hat). The large lenses help sell the steampunk look and make you seem bold and just a little bit crazy. When you want to look like a steampunk explorer or a mad scientist, these costume goggles are a perfect fit.

10. Rainbow Crystal Lenses Steampunk Goggles

These steampunk goggles feature an ornamented chrome frame in your choice of color and a simple, functional strap. Decorative spikes adorn the sides and make your goggles look a bit more menacing. Unlike other goggles, however, the lenses in these frames are made out of carefully angled glass that creates a kaleidoscope effect when you wear them. They're perfect for any occasion where you want to experience the world in a different way. You can always leave them on top of your hat (or take out the lenses) if that's not your thing.

11. Steampunk Cane

Steampunk is very much inspired by Victorian fashion, and nothing says Victorian like a cane. This two-piece cane involves a fantastically convoluted head on top of a sturdy rod. The head itself is detailed with gears and machine parts on top of a decorative skull. The overall effect is more macabre than morbid. If you want to look the part of a steampunk gentleman with a steampunk cane, this cane will let you do so in style.

12. Steampunk Round Mechanical Cuff Links

Cufflinks are a great place to customize your everyday outfit or add the perfect accent to your steampunk jacket. These gleaming metal ornaments are constructed in the same style as a skeleton watch. They've got tiny, shining gears that look like they're about to spring into a whirr of complex motion at any time. Unlike some other steampunk jewelry, you can easily wear these with your favorite jacket to pretty much any occasion.

13. Hi Voltage Generator Steampunk Ring

This heavy pewter ring looks like a piece straight off of a steampunk generator. It's got copper-colored accents that make an almost gear-like pattern around a metal core. The outside of the ring has rivets, angle markings, and plenty of detail. Whether you're going for a classical steampunk look or you just want a cool looking ring, you can't really go wrong with this piece.

14. Steampunk Leather Bracelet

Steampunk art almost always features lots of belts, straps, and fasteners. This leather steampunk bracelet lets you add some of these features to your real-life steampunk outfit. It's made from real leather and features visible, adjustable buckles to make sure it fits comfortably on your wrist or arm. It's the perfect subtle decoration to take your outfit to the next level.

15. Steampunk Wrist Watch with aged brown leather cuff

Two things must be together men and their watches, often times i have noticed that people dress all perfectly but forget their watch and well its like 20% of the game if you ask me. Over the period of years i have owned 16 steampunk watches but this one is my favorite. What i really like about this watch is that the cuff is handmade and actually takes a week to get this made - so you can be sure about the quality.


16. Steampunk Gas Masks

If you want to take this up a notch and well lets say scare a few people :) I would recommend a Steampunk gas Mask - Its Scary, heavy and well saves you from unwanted attention by hiding your face LOL.

Any Other Favorite Steampunk Accessories For Men You Love ?

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