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Steampunk started as an alternative reality fiction, having its roots in a parallel world set in Victorian era.
With its influences extending from history, literature, art and fashion people everywhere have come to know of this new-age retro-futuristic trend.
The most notable is its influence on the fashion industry and the arrays of coming age clothes and jewelry depicting the imagery of it.
Steampunk designs sport industrial age features like clock movements, cogs, metal pieces, portrait moulds, intricate chains and leather cuffsThe chosen accessories mostly being watches, hats, earrings, necklaces and eye-wear which get a step-up from designs fusing the Victorian age with goth, punk and rave culture.
The right steampunk accessory which compliments the occasion can turn any plain outfit into a piece of art in no time.
Here are the top must have womens steampunk accessories  which can completely turn your Steampunk costume from boring to awe-inspiring:

1. Skull & Rose Pendant Necklace with Crystal Brain

steampunk accessories for women

best steampunk watch

This piece is an irony in and of itself. With the intricate design on the most simplistic skull and rose theme this piece brings together the masculine and feminine elements into one harmonious union. What speaks out more is the high quality of the metal and jewels.

The purplish crystal for the rose and the “brain” goes extremely well with the gunmetal tones of the chain and skull. In all this piece is the true definition of Steampunk fashion.

2. ThinkGeek Steampunk Styled Tesla Analog Watch

Steampunk watches - steampunk-accessories.combest steampunk watch

If Steampunk was to be renamed after a man in history then none other than the great physicist and engineer Tesla would have been the chosen one. Being a person of his caliber, he was always ahead of his time.

This watch by ThinkGeek is the perfect blend of Nikola Tesla and his steampunk-ness. With the retro mechanical key accent and the two Wanderclyfe tower generators of Tesla being featured, this watch is the best gift for the geeky steampunk fan.

3. Steampunk Goggles

Steampunk Goggles -

best steampunk watch

With the sapphire blue lenses circumscribed by brass rims, these gorgeous pair of time-traveling glasses are sure to take you the world of exquisite quaintness. The less noticeable monocles attached to the rim also add a more sophisticated look to it. Adorned with cogs and metal details and an adjustable back-strap this “Back to Future-esque” piece is sure to please and fit any and every time-travel junkie you may know.

4. Steampunk Top Hats (for women)

Top hat with goggles for womenbest steampunk watch

Equipped with gears, rose, spikes, chains and feathers, this maybe the most common Steampunky accessory on the list. Despite having the best of everything this hat from doesn’t look cluttered at all. This sophisticated and tell-all piece is a sure shot way to any steampunk fan’s heart. The top of the hat features a zig-zag pattern made by bronze chains giving it the edge over others.

The goggles that come with it have an elastic strap, spike details on the rim and gears on the front. These can be used with or without the hat but the real charm of this piece is the put-togetherness of it which is simply flawless.

5. Antique Cuff for women

cuff bracelet for women

best steampunk watch

This bronze ribbon detailed handcuff is one of the most decadent steampunk jewelry piece to lay your eyes on. The 3D details of gears and wings takes this up a notch. The thick band and side-trims add to its vintage style, giving an impression of ancient-medieval star-piece. For those women who have a flair for science and arts this piece is a dream come true.

6. Retro Motorcycle Waist Bag

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This practically designed do-all bag is sure to caught any steampunk lover’s fancy. With its rivets, chains and extremely high quality leather it promises an elegant and durable life. Moreover with the provision of adjustable straps it comes with stress-free guarantee to fit you like a glove. The multi-purpose bag can be used as a waist, back or shoulder bag proving to be the gift to that pragmatic steampunk friend you have.

7. Silver Blue Steampunk Fire necklace

Steampunk necklace

best steampunk watch

This handmade silver sapphire pendant charm locket is everything a girl needs. With its graceful antique silver finish and sapphire glow it is sure to take the breath away of any person who sets eyes on it. The delicate glow of the pendant makes this piece look straight out of a fairytale making it all clear how rare this piece must be.

8. Vintage Skeleton Pocket Watch

best steampunk watch

This easy to set pocket watch features hand mechanical movement to wind it up and can work without battery. The clear back appearance exposes the gears and the movement of the pocket watch giving it the classy look that any steampunk enthusiast desires. The gorgeous timepiece has roman numeral markings on the surface while the dial maintains the classy theme with its black and blue accents.

This is a timeless piece which appeals to all steampunk fashion lovers.

9. Steampunk Cane

Steampunk cane

best steampunk watch

Made from natural Oak and by hand this rare vintage cane is one-of-its-kind. The luscious oak finish and the exclusive wolf-shaped metal pommel give this stick all the character it needs. To make the handling easier it is equipped with an ergonomic shape which in turn increases its durability and comfort. This hand-crafted cane serves the dual purpose of supporting a person and increasing the fashion quotient of one’s outfit.

Any Other Favorite Steampunk Accessories For Women You Love ?

Comment Below. 

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