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TOP 10 Steampunk watches

December 28, 2019

Steampunk Fashion is all about anachronisms, and there’s no bigger anachronism in the modern age than the watch. We don’t need to carry clocks around anymore, Luckily, these mechanical marvels still make the perfect steampunk accessory. We’ve scoured the web for the best steampunk watches that you can wear with your steampunk hat and goggles. The following list runs the gamut from tasteful timepieces you could wear at work to elaborate contraptions that resemble art installations more than watches. No matter what occasion you need a steampunk watch for, you’ll be sure to find what you need.

Best Steampunk Watches

best steampunk watches
Best steampunk watches

It is a very personal decision when it comes to choosing a steampunk watch. To be honest, there is not any best steampunk watch which we can recommend you.


What may suit one person might not suit another person.


Below is the table which shows the best Steampunk Watches. Each and every watch is chosen by our specialist reviewers.

Well, now without wasting any further time, let’s jump on to our Top Best Steampunk Watch list.

1. Steampunk Blue Hands Scale Mechanical Skeleton Pocket Watch

Blue Steampunk pocket watchThis steampunk pocket watch lives in a beautifully engraved black case. It’s great fun to flip the front cover open and peek at the time. You don’t need to, however. The designer of this watch included a helpful window so you can see the hands without needing to open the case. The classic Roman numerals and clean lines of this watch make it an accessory worth wearing with your favorite steampunk outfit.

2. Retro Elegant Mechanical Wrist Watch

golden steampunk watchIf wristwatches are more your style, this steampunk wrist watch has you covered. It’s an elegant golden timepiece on a brown leather strap with plenty of shiny golden details. If you like gears, whirls, and old-fashioned watch hands, you’ll love this watch.

3. ThinkGeek Steampunk Wrist Watch

Steampunk WatchesWatches like this one help you go all out with your steampunk costume. Made deliberately to suit the steampunk aesthetic, this complex watch features crazy looking components, a key, and an extra dial. You’ll feel like a real-life mad scientist from your favorite steampunk movie.

4. Thorgud Ulvhammer Mjolnir Wristwatch


This gothic watch uses a rune-inspired font and has a complicated Nordic tangle behind the hands. The watch itself is housed in a shining spiral of pewter that’s reminiscent of a powerful magical artifact. While it doesn’t feature a Victorian aesthetic per se, the complex lines, thick band, and retro stylings of this watch make it a great addition to your steampunk wardrobe.

5. Voyage dual time japan brass antique steampunk travel watch

This metal watch sports two dials and has lots of accents, making it a great steampunk accessory. A simple hemp strap keeps it secure without breaking the old-timey aesthetic. You can use it to keep track of the time in two time zones or simply wear it for looks.

6. Classic Rabbit Style Drink Me Pocket Watch

This steampunk pocket watch sneaks a rabbit and a key into the design of its ornate front piece, giving it a whimsical childish feel once you’ve noticed them. It’s got a beautifully detailed case and complicated hands that make it special and unique. Unlike many other pocket watches, however, this watch has numbers instead of letters. This might make it a bit easier to actually tell time with it!

7. Stuhrling Original Men’s Automatic Self  Wind Black Strap Watch

There are plenty of steampunk watches with exposed gearing, but this one really takes the cake. Considered as one of the Best Steampunk watches for men the face of the watch is hardly there at all, giving you a great look at the complex metal internals. There’s additional complexity suggested by the dots and numerals on the outside and even an extra decorative dial. A black leather strap ensures that this watch pairs well with both your steampunk getup and your everyday clothes. You can even wear it to work!

8. Nemesis Men’s Dark Brown Wide Leather Cuff Watch

This watch is married to a thick leather wrist cuff that screams steampunk. Leather accents and prominent buckles accent this bangle and help add to the look of this steampunk watch. The clock face itself is a more modern sort, but this square timepiece will still help add to the steampunk vibe that you’re going for.

9. Double Cover Roman Numerals Steampunk Pocket Watch

When you’re ready for an elegant pocket watch that’s chock full of style, check out this steampunk pocket watch. It’s got a bold, old-fashioned face with timeless numerals and exposed gearing in brilliant gold. It’s a great way to make your outfit feel more steampunk and more fancy at the same time. It comes with a shining metal chain, too.

10. Carrie Hughes Men Steampunk Automatic Waterproof Watch

black steampunk wrist watchThis square steampunk wrist watch features a complex array of round gears behind the watch face, giving you a wonderful steampunk show every time you check the time. Like the watch above, it’s on a black band and is more than subtle enough for casual wear, although it’ll look best when you’re viewing it under your steampunk goggles.

11. Oulm Black U-type Dial Wrist Watch

This complicated black steampunk watch offers everything a dial enthusiast could want. It’s got no less than 5 separate dials that tell you the time in three different time zones. It’s a wonderful way to play the part of an insane inventor or just increase the complexity of your wardrobe. A classic black band ensures that it’ll go well with any outfit.

12.  Steampunk Leather Wrist Watch With Aged brown Leather Cuff

Steampunk wrist watch menbest steampunk watchIf you want a beautiful, handmade leather cuff that’s created for your wrist alone, this is the best watch for you. The seller makes these to order based on your exact wrist measurements. Each bespoke band features a gleaming steampunk watch face. If you want to use your own, however, the manufacturer can make one of these cuffs to fit your existing watch.

13. Automatic Mechanical Skeleton Black Mens Steampunk Wrist Watch

Black Steampunk Skeleton Wrist watchbest steampunk watchOf all the skeleton-style watches you can find, this watch is perhaps the most “clean” looking. The design does a beautiful job of exposing a complex arrangement of gears and machinery so you can marvel at the internal bits of your watch. Elegant lettering and classy hands help seal the deal and make this one of the best steampunk watches for sale. It’s available in five colors, too, ensuring you can match it to your favorite steampunk outfit.

14. Alchemy Gothic Temp De Sentiment Fob Watch Pendant

steampunk watch pendantbest steampunk watchHearts are a key theme to this watch, which lives in a set of hearts (or an upside down spade?) and is meant to be worn as a necklace. A jewel-encrusted key hangs down from the watch itself, which is classic and functional. This piece of steampunk jewelry is perfect for anyone who wants something a bit more feminine and gothic. While it’s sold as a necklace, you can easily use the chain to secure this watch in your pocket instead.

15. Skeleton Automatic Mechanical Steampunk Burlywood Wrist Watch

brown skeleton steampunk wrist watchbest steampunk watchIf you’re a fan of both exposed gearing and wood, this watch has you covered. An attractive burlywood dial provides a platform for classic roman numerals, while the middle of the watch face is exposed so you can see the inner workings. Like other skeleton watches, the elegant design and simple leather strap mean that this watch can be comfortably worn in a professional setting.

16. White Chron Dial Brown Strap Wrist Watch

brown strap steampunk wrist watchbest steampunk watch

If your brand of steampunk likes maps, instruments, and mechanical marvels, this watch is perfect for you. It’s got a wonderfully complex looking watch face with lots of text, dials, and watch hands. It’s set in a classic leather band, meaning you can easily wear this with your everyday business attire. You’ll always feel like an explorer when you check the time.

If you have another Steampunk Watch that you consider as one of the Best Steampunk watch out there – let us know by commenting below.

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