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Steampunk Jewelry – Necklace, Earrings, Cuffs, Hair Clips

Steampunk Jewelry

Steampunk fashion has its fanatics all over the world. With its wide popularity and multitude of options for both men and women, ranging from statement attires to subtle pieces, steampunk is celebrated in a fashion more than any other expression of it. Add to that, it is the modality of bringing steampunk in everyday life.

Steampunk clothing, shoes and accessories are known for their futuristic designs fused with the sensibilities of Victorian era in an avant-garde style. To put it simply: they are all unique, they are all art! But there can be a downside for some people. Steampunk jewelry fashion and style, although attention-grabbing and majestic at its core, can be somewhat too much for certain people. With the bold designs from Neo-Victorian era, heavy accents of retro-futuristic world and deep hues of romantic goth culture, it can become a task in itself to incorporate steampunk in your everyday life. The best possible way of keeping it minimal and yet steampunk-trendy is to go for jewelry. Steampunk jewellery can add just the right amount of quirkiness to any outfit without the overt anachronism that Steampunk inspired clothing might entail. We bet most of you won't be risking a black corset or gothic shoes to work or a date. But a pretty lace choker or a minimalist skeleton pendant can do the work for you. In addition to that, steampunk jewelry pieces make the best gifts for a friend or family member whom you'd like to introduce to Steampunk, think tiny octopus earrings or bracelets with charms. Thoughtful gifts like that speak volumes to the receiver. Steampunk jewelry is characterized by vintage hardware parts like cogs, gears, springs, coils, chains, optical lenses, aviation parts, compasses and other 19th century forgotten treasures. With these edgy gadgetry parts, soft and appealing materials such as swarovski, crystal, lace, glass, beads and tulle are combined in a uniquely intricate way to strike a perfect balance of grunge and romance. Vintage and oxidized metals such as gunmetal, bronze, silver and brass are favourites amongst the steampunk jewelry makers. It is these metals that give steampunk jewelry its "lost worldly" charm. Some popular designs of artists include skulls, locks and keys, compass, light bulbs, watch movement, gas masks, owl, octopus and bird charm, feathers and wings. A Steampunk jewelry artist crafts ornaments out of junk. Artists aside, there are many who do with diy jewelry and shoes. Handmade Steampunk jewelry can turn out to be easier than you think. Have a broken clock? Turn it into an eye-catching steampunk ring or maybe a pair of steampunk earrings or steampunk necklace. The ideas are unlimited. Just wear your creative hat and go rummage your garage or store room! Steampunk has got infused in almost full range of jewelry and accessories. You can find a leather bracelet, ear cuff, steampunk necklace and steampunk pendants, steampunk ring, steampunk watch, brooch and even steampunk earrings! Whatever might be your go-to item you can find it with a steampunk twist! It is also as wide in the style! More on the punk side of steampunk? Go for designs skeletons, snake chains and leather. Into soft romantic Victorian style? Crystals, charms, feather and lace are your answer. Like the steam gadget aesthetics more? Cogs, gears, clock movement and Tesla machines are there for you. Goth is your thing? Don't worry you're covered too. Whatever your style and taste may be, Steampunk jewelry covers such a wide style range that you'll almost every time find a piece which fits your imagination nearly perfectly! We have compiled a list of the most exquisite Steampunk jewelry pieces! Read on to get a feel of what quality Steampunk jewelry looks like!

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