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Steampunk Sunglasses and Steampunk Goggles

What turns a pair of common glasses into a work of Steampunk art? Steampunk aesthetics are known for their avant garde style. The 19th century era mixed with technological developments of 21st century in a completely re-imagined reality. In simpler terms, it's past meeting the future. The steam-powered, metaphorically, lifestyle is especially hot with steampunk sunglasses designers. Don't believe us? Follow the post and you'll soon find out for yourself.

The vintage era lifestyle features anachronistic designs and styles. But the weighted question is whether people of 19th century even wore sunglasses? Well, in the Steampunk world, the mad scientists needed goggles to protect their eyes from the radiation of their crazy experiments, airship navigators needed them for protection from harsh winds and cold temperatures and locomotive engineers used them to keep their eyes safe from cinder and smoke as well as leaking steam. These technological aspects and mechanical usefulness is what a designer keeps in mind while creating the perfect steampunk sunglasses. Concluding in a spectacular pair of sun glasses which is as robust and utilitarian as majestic! Accessories can lift any simple outfit notches higher and glasses make the safest bet. Steampunk sunglasses are one such accessories that even people with no knowledge of this retrofuturistic culture buy and wear. We can safely say that they have managed to penetrate the mainstream culture most profoundly. Steampunk sunglasses are the most iconic Steampunk accessories ever. Taking the latest reference, the Iron Man glasses which Robert Downey Jr. wore are perhaps the most widely recognized steampunk item ever. Add to that, the big branded companies like Gucci, Georgio Armani and Dior have also included this eccentric culture in their designs creating truly awe-inspiring pieces. These outlandish eye pieces come in a variety of styles: Classic round frame vintage retro steampunk sunglasses, square lens glasses, sports sunglasses and goggles, aviators, flip up lenses and Victorian welding eyeglasses. The most distinctive feature of Steampunk sunglasses is side-shields. In older times, almost all shades came with them. They shield the eyes from sides giving 360 degrees protection. But for present day designers, these little additions aren't just practical but give them the space for creativity and adding the anachronistic elements to an otherwise simple retro vintage sunglasses pair. Brass is the most preferable metal for steampunk sunglasses. The nineteenth century Industrial revolution had metals at the heart of it. Metals like brass, copper and steel were pre-dominantly used for construction. Plastics and polymers weren't invented in 1800s. This is the reason only metal sunglasses are used in Steampunk. Vintage retro steampunk style is the most popular in the category of glasses too. Most vintage steampunk sunglasses come in a metal frame in circle. The retro polarized lenses not just give the shades an old-worldly charm but also provide better field vision in sunny days. Steampunk glasses are the most popular accessories for they present the perfect combination of design with functionality. What makes them distinct from classic vintage glasses like John Lennon's sunglasses, gray vintage mirror glasses or brown round frame glasses with side-shields are the small details that designers add in the temples, rim and bridge. The other most widely available steampunk sun glasses come in aviator style. The black blue combination with details in the temples and bridge fits perfectly with a business trip. Some designers add side-shields to to make them more accurate with 19th century style. Goth sunglasses are usually considered different from cyberpunk ones based on the symbols used in their designs. Black metal glasses with retro vintage design and mirrored lenses can work as both gothic glasses and cyberpunk sunglasses. Our favourite steampunk glasses come with flip up lenses. These not just look ubercool but are a blessing for people with prescription lenses. These dual lenses glasses have the flip features which make them suitable for both outdoors and indoors. The ease of accessibility and mechanical feature of flip makes them the quintessence steampunk metal sunglasses. A pair of these flip up steampunk shades in silver with oval frame will make any day outing look like a vintage movie on reel. Steampunk goggles are also hot among the fans out there. They come with a huge sturdy frame with lots of detailing and serve as the finest pieces of biker eyewear. These goggles resemble the shape of today's ski goggles, but were in actuality used in 19th century, shortly after Victorian era, by motorcyclists to protect their eyes from winds and dust during high speed riding. Steampunk goggles have the potential to level up any look are favorites amongst the cosplayers and larpers. We have a curated a unique and diverse selection of the most stunning steampunk glasses. Go ahead and check them out.

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