Top Must Have Steampunk Accessories For Women

Top Steampunk Accessories For Women

Steampunk has emerged as a hugely popular subculture with a significant fashion influence over the past few years. The combination of Victorian era designs, with industrial metallic features, and fashion trends borrowed from punk, gothic and rave culture, make for antique-like jewelry with a unique mechanical-inspired designs.

Steampunk features bring to life ordinary items: watches, necklaces, broaches and earrings feature cogs, metal pieces, portraits molds, intricate chains and leather cuffs.

We are definitely crazy about steampunk! As a lass myself, I’m always on the lookout for nifty steampunk jewelry and accessories to give my outfit a bit of Victorian glamour. Here are my picks for 10 of the coolest steampunk accessories for women.

1. Skull & Rose Pendant Necklace with Crystal Brain

Steampunk necklace

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My very first reaction on seeing this necklace was wow!! I mean just look at that intricate design and this looks like s much better on you 🙂

Everything from the chain to the jewels is of great quality.

It has a purple jewel inside too as brain – LOL, over the years i have gifted this necklace to a couple of friends during some steampunk steampunk events and let me tell you this nothing looks better than a steampunk necklace like this on a woman.


2. ThinkGeek Steampunk Styled Tesla Analog Watch


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There are a couple of good Steampunk themed wrist watches in the market that catch my attention but nothing like this one.

I mean just look at it……

I own 2 of these and i don’t know why i bought the second one – LOL. That’s how awesome it looks.


3. Steampunk Goggles


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No Steampunk Accessory list is complete without a mention of Steampunk Goggles.

I don’t know who said this “Its the perfect tool for any crazy time traveler” – A look at this and i must say indeed this is.


4. Steampunk Top Hats (for women)

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Hats and Goggles, well lets say they must be together and if you are a true Steampunk fan you know i am right, right 😉

This one has a rose and also elastic band for the goggles to take your look up a notch.


5. Antique Cuff for women


cuff bracelet for women

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This Cuff really gives that old antique kind of look and is one of the few pieces i own – a must add into your Steampunk Accessories for women list.

Any Other Favorite Steampunk Women Accessories You Love ?

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